1-CH AC 85-250V 5A WiFi Switch, DIY eWeLink Remote LightLamp Smart Home Automation Relay Module Support Alex Google Home


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Overview and Specifications:


String into the circuit to control the
power switch, the appliances and the lamps can be used with this wifi switch

Directly int the power supply circuit, the
use of APP to add equipment and connect to your Wifi Router, in order to
achieve networking and remote control, without the need to increase the host.

Light / row of fans / electrical appliances
can be remotely controlled by mobile phone anytime anywhere, the distance is no
longer a problem.

Time delay function, real-time feedback

Support family sharing control

Set once, saving in APP, resize anytime

User manual and more details, please refer



Model: L-5A01

Input: AC 85-250V

Max Load: 250V 5A

WiFi: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

APP: EWelink