12V 15Ah Large Capacity 15000mAh 11.1V 12.1V Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack for Car Battery Backup Starter Battery


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Overview and Specifications:

Configuration: Built-in BMS protection,With overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection
 Weight: 390g
Width: 68mm
Height: 26mm
 Length: 95mm
Plug: EC5
Manual measurement, there will be deviations.
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Output Voltage Range: 8.25v – 12.6v
Nominal Capacity: 15Ah
Nominal Power : 180Wh
Test results will be affected by test conditions (eg, temperature, wire loss, test equipment, test parameters, etc.), please perform multiple tests and take the average of the results to reduce the deviation.
At a temperature of 25 , the deviation between the pure resistance discharge test result and the nominal data is controlled within 10%, which is normal.
Continuous discharge current 3A
Instantaneous discharge current 5A