2-in-1 Bluetooth V4.2 Transmitter Receiver Adapter Bluetooth Transceiver


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Overview and Specifications:

BT-01 product is a cost-effective 4.2 Bluetooth receiver, suitable for sale in Europe, America and Africa. The product has simple operation and strong compatibility to support one to two connection methods.
 Product specification:
Bluetooth specification
Bluetooth V4.2+EDR
supporting agreement
Connection mode
Operating Voltage
DC 3.7V-4.2V
Working current
Receive Mode 28 mA Transmit Mode 40mA
battery capacity
Charging time
Transmission range
External Interface
¢3.5 audio male plug, USB male plug
Product Size
product weight
 Instructions for use:
Power on: long press "play pause button" 2 seconds;
Shutdown: long press "play pause button" 2 seconds, the device shuts down;
Connection method: Use 3.5mm audio cable or adapter to connect household amplifier or car stereo;
Pairing use:
Press and hold the “play pause button” for 2 seconds. The blue light flashes on the device. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone and search for “BR-2802” to select the connection. If you need to enter “0000” for the password pairing, the blue light will be on.
One to two connections: long press “play pause button” for 2 seconds. The device is flashing with blue light. The device is normally connected to a mobile phone. After the pairing connection is completed, turn off the Bluetooth function switch of the first mobile phone, and pair the second mobile phone according to the normal pairing mode. After the second mobile phone pairing is completed, the Bluetooth function switch product of the first mobile phone will be automatically connected back to complete the connection of two mobile phones.
Launch mode: After the product is turned on, press the volume + and volume at the same time – you can switch to launch mode