3-in-1 Portable Horticultural Detector PH Meter, Soil Moisture Meter, Light Intensity Tester – Army Green


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Overview and Specifications:

Usage: soil PH value and humidity, the first probe into the ground as far as possible, the probe above the part to stay about 1 cm.
Turn the pen on the button to the MOIST, MOIST is the water key, the corresponding table is MOIST, DRY is dry, WET is wet, the value is 1-3 (red part) Note the need for watering, 4-7 (green part) is appropriate, adjust the watering time according to the variety of plants, 8-10 Part) Description is too wet.
Turn the button on the pen to PH, PH is pH key, the corresponding table is 8-3.5 values, ALKALINE is alkali, ACDIC is acid, the value of 7 is basically neutral, the smaller the number
The greater the acidity, adjust the soil pH according to the plant species LIGHT key is the illumination, the measurement range of 0-2000 lumens, the larger the value, indicating that the light is stronger, depending on the plant species to decide whether shade is required.
When the electrode can not touch the stone, do not force too hard, otherwise easy to hurt the electrode.