3W Solar Flashlight LED Lantern Searchlight Torch Rechargeable Lantern Outdoor Waterproof Hunter Lamp Portable Light White/Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: ZX-9988T Usage:
Lumen: 150LM Switch Mode:
Model of LED Beads: Wattage: 3W
Beam Angle: 180° Base Type: Wedge
Light Source: LED Bulbs

1: inner ring: 1W LED lamp bead has low energy consumption and no pollution. Outer ring: 16SMD lamp. Soft light can be used for reading
2. Solar energy charging design, as an emergency charging when the electric quantity is used up, effectively avoids the dilemma that outdoor activities cannot be recharged when the flashlight is out of power
3: material: ABS environmental protection material

1: multi-purpose flashlight table lamp, flashlight use
2: charging mode: direct solar power charging
3: built-in charging battery 1800 ma
4: solar power charging or 110-220v direct charging
5. Product accessories: lamp + charging line + color box packaging