50-Piece Accessories Complete Kit for Xiaomi Mijia Camera


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Overview and Specifications:

Product use: mountaineering, diving, swimming, surfing, tourism, cycling, racing, selfie, flying, etc.Whether it is on land, or in the vast deep ocean, or in the blue sky, our waterproof shell will bring you different surprises.
1 the waterproof shell
Millet mijia small camera waterproof shell waterproof 45 meters, lens use toughened glass material dustproof, scratch-proof, high light.
2 chest strap,
Adjustable size bra!Suitable for sports cameras such as GOPRO SJCAM.Take different angles.Used for skiing, cycling, rowing, etc.
3 wearing
To be installed in the head (or mounted on a helmet)
It can be adjusted to suit various specifications, and the headband is compatible with all models of GOPRO, millet ant and SJCAM motion camera.
4 wrist strap, motion camera fixed on the wrist, shooting the scene you want, size adjustable.
5. The wrist band of the remote control can hold the remote control to the wrist, so as to quickly catch the screen, and the size can be adjusted.
6 backpack clip: the Gopro is fixed on a cap, strap or belt, and 360 is rotated.
7 trigger screw: more labor-saving and convenient locking, making use more convenient.
8. Insert on either side or back of the waterproof shell of the motion camera, which can effectively prevent fogging in cold and humid environment.
9 j block;It can be applied to the thoracic band, accessory parts, adjusting the Angle of shooting.
10 pack: it can be used for small accessories to clean up, which is more convenient for your trip.
11 buoyancy bars can be used as a selfie while surfing, and when the camera falls into the water, you can float your camera.
12 selfie stick: the longest length is 22.5cm and the longest length is 107.5cm.
Suction cup: strong adsorption force, can hold the camera firmly.
It is convenient to carry all kinds of small accessories and protect your accessories.