90110B 12-in-1 Portable Phone Computer Repair Tool Screwdriver Kit


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Product Configuration: 6 double-headed screwdrivers, a handle.
2. Product Material: Tool Steel.
3. 6 double-headed screwdriver specifications: PH00 / -1.8mm, PH0 / -2.5mm, T6 / T7, T8 / T9, PZ # 0-PZ # 1, H1.5mm / H2.0mm.
4. Product Features: This set of small and portable suit, replaceable screwdriver, easy to operate. Suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and other mobile phones and toys, computers, MP3, MP4, cameras, glasses, watches and other small all-round precision electronic disassemble.