9920L Remote Control Car Toy, Rechargeable RC Wall Climber Car for Kids – Blue


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Overview and Specifications:

HighlightsDUAL MODE OF RC CAR: The remote control car accesses 2 modes with a rear switch – WALL and FLOOR mode. Designed from a vacuum principle, the super absorption feature under the remote control car allows this RC car to move on all smooth surfaces in WALL mode, including walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors and closets. In FLOOR mode, the wall climber can move faster than all ordinary race cars.
UPDATED REMOTE CONTROLLER: This controller only requires 3 ‘AAA’ batteries, making it more efficient and eco-friendly. Also, its compact and light design perfectly fits into your child's hand with easy grip, this is our special update.
COOL HEADLIGHTS & TAILLIGHTS: Intelligent LED lights auto switch based on how you drive. Two headlights turn on when the wall climber moves forwards and both rear lights turn on when the wall climber moves backwards. Moves left, the left front lights come on and when the RC car moves right, the right front lights turn on.
360° STUNT ROTATION: One of the most fascinating feature of the stunt car is its ability to spin 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise when moving forward and backwards. The wireless remote controller gives the user full control of the wall climber.