AC110V/220V E27 2835 SMD LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Bulb Greenhouse Hydroponic System Veg Flower Plants Lamp Grow Box Bulb


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Red and blue light combination, provide accurate and adequate light that plant needs in growth; 
2. E27 lamp holder, wide range of applications; 

Spectral range effects on plant physiology 
1. 280nm ~ 315nm influence on morphological and physiological processes is minimal 
2. 315 nm ~ 420nm chlorophyll absorbs less impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation 
3. 420 nm ~ 500nm (blue) chlorophyll and carotenoids absorbed the largest proportion, the greatest impact on photosynthesis 
4. 500 nm ~ 620nm dye absorption rate is not high 
5. 620nm ~ 750nm (red) chlorophyll absorption rate "high", has a significant influence on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect 
6. 750nm ~ 1000nm absorption rate, stimulate cell elongation, impact of flowering and seed germination 
7. >1000nm converted into calorie 

Product material: plastic 
Light source: 2835 LED lamp beads 
Rated voltage: 220V 
Lamp holder model: E27 
Product Certification: CE, RoHS 
Scope of application: plant growth lighting, greenhouse cultivation of vegetable lighting