Advanced Fire/Smoke/Water Resistant Document safety guard Bag Portable Handle Bag For Paper files passport cash electronics


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Overview and Specifications:

Our unique advantage:Non-Itchy, Easy To Carry, Multiple Protection

Product Details:

Color: Black
Dimensions: 15”x 11”x3”
100% high quality Fireproof Document Pouch
fireproof , water Resistant ,Mildew Resistant
Non-itchy, Non-irritating, Non-stinging
Fiberglass Outer Layer (Silicone Coated)

Product features

 Large Capacity(15’ x 11’ x 3’)Trade Core’s Fire Resistant Document bag holds a variety of document sizes including passports, birth certificates, photographs, trust account documentation, real estate deeds, Cash, jewelry, heirlooms,currency, and legal sized paperwork!
Foldable, light weight design allows for compact storage and transport.Can be placed in the safe
Reinforced, heavy-duty fire resistant fiberglass construction that is tightly woven and extremely durable.
Makes a great gift – Help friends and family protect their valuables!
Prevent fire break-out: Charge your cellular phone or Lipo battery in your Fire Resistant Bag for even greater protection.