Automatic Wireless Bluetooth Phone Monopod Folding Adjustable Selfie Stick for IPHONE, Samsung, Android – Deep Grey


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Compact and portable
2. The handle comes with a Bluetooth remote control
3. Automatic elongation and shortening, one-handed performance
4. Support smooth up and down, left and right movement in shooting

Size (L*W*H): 255*28.6*38mm
Design: Extend approx 76cm
Weight(g): 240.0g
Battery: 350mAh Poly battery
Battery Voltage: 5V
Charge time: 1.5 hours
Working time: 72 hours when connecting bluetooth
Extending: More than 200times
Material: Nonslip silicon& aricraft grade aluminum alloy
Micro USB: 5 pin