BTI-039 2-in-1 Fiber Coaxial CSR Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver Adapter – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

BTI-039 is a receive / transmit 2-in-1 stereo fiber-optic Bluetooth adapter that can be switched between receive (RX) and transmit (TX) mode by turning the mode select switch on or off. (AUX: Audio Interface; SPDIF: Optical Interface) Select the audio interface or optical interface.
BTI-039 supports one function with two (TX state can be simultaneously connected to two stereo Bluetooth speakers or stereo Bluetooth headset, two speakers / headphone can simultaneously sound;
RX state can simultaneously connect two mobile phones, currently only one The phone sounds, which phone is the first voice which is currently the phone sound) using CSR BC8670 Bluetooth chip as the core data processing,
Bluetooth version: V4.1, high fidelity, high compatibility, to provide you with high-quality technology Experience.