Car Portable Head-up Display D3000HUD Car Projector Display GM Head-up Display


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Overview and Specifications:


HUD short for Head Up Display. It displays driving datas on the front windshield such as speed, RPM, fuel consumption, water temperature, voltage etc on the car front window glass; avoiding drivers unsafety because of watching the instrument while driving. Drivers can read the driving information instantly, and can always keep the best state on the way with HUD

HUD Display functions
1 Multi-Functions area: RPM,driving mileage,voltage,water temperature,fuel consumption,driving time
2 RPM Icon:the bright icon means the engine RPM value
3 Light sensor: Automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment 
4 Power button
5 Setting button
6 USB port
7 Speed in number
8 Speed unit: KM/H and MPH
9 Icon for Voltage,Water temperature,buzzer,setting
10 Unit icon: L/H(Liter/Hour) L/100KM,MIN(Driving time) Trip(Driving mileage) RPM