CARKING New Latex Garden Water Hose, 2.5m Expanding Flexible Water Gun Car Wash with Spray Nozzle – Green


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Overview and Specifications:

<br> Description:
<br>1. With high quality, tube thickness is 2.0mm and other ordinary tube thickness is 1.8mm so it will not twist, tangle or kink.
<br>2. When being used, it expands up to 3 times of its original length and retracts back to original size when it turned off.
<br>3. It is made of high pressure-resistance durable Latex(not the cheap plastic stuff), expandable inner hose and durable plastic cover.
<br>4. Sprayer head has 7 spraying modes.

<br>Length: 2.5m
<br>Extended length: 7.5m
<br>Material: Plastic hose + Polyester fabric
<br>Spraying Pattern: mist, thin columnar, showering, fan-shaped, multi-linear, conical, thick columnar
<br>Note: The range is 8 meters. The range depends on the water pressure, so the greater the pressure, the farther it sprays.