Colorful Parrot Toy Macaw Cage Chew Bird Toys Natural Wood Ladder Pet Bird Conure Swing Scratcher Assorted


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Material: Wood

1. Parrots like colorful, colorful toys. This product adopts environmentally friendly water lacquer cubes, color spool combination, beautiful style, colorful and beautiful. It is a good choice for parrots to bite and grind, and is popular among large, medium and small parrots.
Beautiful, environmentally friendly paint is non-toxic and harmless.

2. Wood block + cotton thread + metal chain

3. For parrots and other bird pets bite, grind, play

Hanging size: 10CM*10CM*28CM
Packing size: 19CM*13CM*7CM
Weight: 127G
Approximate value, subject to physical measurements