Creative Folding Double Head Clip Table Lamp, USB Adjustable 10-LED Desk Light For Book Reading White/Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Power Source: DC
Is Batteries Required: No Is Batteries Included: Yes
Light Source: LED Bulbs Features: Folding table lamp double head
Model Number: Warranty:
Wattage: 3W

1: 2835 highlights the bead, the lamp bead has the advantages of
high brightness and long life, with matte milky white lampshade, the light is
soft and not dazzling

2: Frosted transparent lampshade, the lampshade is carefully
polished, the light is strong, and the light is soft and not glare. Thick high
quality ABS material, anti-fall and anti-corrosion

3: Metal freely bends the lamp tube, universal metal hose, can
adjust the shape and direction at will, "determine" at any angle, the angle of
illumination can be arbitrary, the eye protection is more efficient

4, clip-type base, using movable jaws, adapt to different
thickness objects, clamping is very stable, do not worry about falling, pinch
sponge protection, non-slip scratch-resistant

5. Two power supply modes can be used as you like, you can
choose to use 3 7th battery power supply, you can also choose to use USB cable
to connect charging treasure and other USB power supply.

6. The brightness of multiple gears is adjustable, each lamp
head has a switch button to control the brightness of two gears, and more
humanized lighting adjustment

Product Name: Double pole 10LED clip light

Product material: high quality ABS new material

Product color: black

LED light source: 2835 SMD lamp beads 10

USB interface: 4.2V, Android charging cable

Dimming mode: one file is 50% bright, two files are 100%
bright, and the third gear is off.

How to use: On the 7th battery of the 3rd section, or if the
battery is not on, connect the computer directly with the USB cable, or the
mobile power interface can be lit.

Product weight: 100g

Applicable scene: reading, station name, night fishing,

Product advantages: high brightness, multi-level dimming, free