DC5V Mi Light Wi-Fi iBox LED Controller, 2.4G RF Wireless RGB Controller for LED Strip Light/Bulb/Downlight By Smart IOS/Android


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Overview and Specifications:

iBox is an upgraded WiFi ibox for Mi-Light series,which is an exquisite light itself.
With easy link to the wifi router,you will be able to control the lights anywhere.
Item: 2.4G WIFI controller IBOX2
Led type: High Power Led
Color: White
Input voltage: DC5/500mA
Protocol: 2.4GHz, Wifi 802.11b/g/n
connection mode: wifi
Control distance: 20m  
1. App Long Distance Control, with wifi& smart phone App, you can control the lights anywhere, compatible with IOS, Android 4.3 or above.
2. Compatiaility, 2.4GHz RF Chip, compatible with all Milight series.
3. Timer function. Automatic 0N/OFF with timer function
4. Color changing & Dimmable, 16 Millions of colors to choose, Dimmable, Saturation control
5. Search Milight from Apple store, or scan the code shown on the left, search Milight from Google Play store, or scan the code shown on the left( Android 4.3 or above)
6. You can use it as night light   
Programming Procedure:
1. Wire all controller devices to one power supply or power strips but don't turn it on yet.
2. With the power off, grab the smart device, and have  app opened to your specific controller type
3. Power on the controller.
4. Within 3 seconds of providing power press the top button once in app on smart device.
If programming was successful any connected light strip should blink twice slowly and remote will immediately be functional.
    Tips1: This control hub works with RF control unit.
    Tips2: Single Device Pairing allows one control hub and
            one remote control to communicate as a unique
            pair.Multi Devices Pairing allow one remote
            controller to communicate with multiple control
            hubs without the required ransmitting range.