ESAMACT Sine Gauge Adjustable Angle Gauge, High Precision Angle Pad, 0-60 Degree Angle Plate Block


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Overview and Specifications:

Uses: In the milling machine, planer, grinder, and drilling with adjustable angle on the knife, crossed or with other fixtures will be the workpiece after the workpiece clamping, such as processing slopes, drilling oblique and so on.Use: ⑴, loosen the screw, pull the V-shaped block along the base of the guide wheel rotation, looking for the target angle. ⑵, the use of the principle of reading the cursor, the main scale on the index of 1 °, the cursor index of 10 '. The "0" line on the cursor is aligned with the "0" line on the main scale to indicate that the A measurement plane is parallel to the reference plane and the B reference plane is perpendicular to the reference plane.① When the cursor "0" line is on the right side of the main scale "0" line, the degree is read out with the cursor "0" line, and the score is read out with the scale of the right of the cursor "0" line (reading is the same as the vernier caliper) Degrees (°), minutes (') that A, B measuring surface counterclockwise turn the angle.② When the cursor "0" line is left at the left of the main scale "0" line, the degree is read out with the cursor "0", and the score is read out with the left scale of the cursor "0" line. Read out the degree (°), points (') saidA, B measuring the angle of the clockwise turn.③ After the angle is adjusted to the target value, tighten the V-block to the base.Main technical indicators:(1) When the measuring surface A is parallel to the base surface and the measuring surface B is perpendicular to the datum plane, the "0" line of the cursor does not coincide with the main scale "0" line is greater than 3 ', and the curvature of both ends of the cursor is different from the main scale The degree of coincidence is not greater than 5 '; the other hand, tighten the screw so that the main scale 0 ° line and the cursor "0" line alignment, A measurement surface and the reference plane parallelism is not greater than 0.01mm, B measurement surface and the vertical plane Not more than 0.01mm⑵ in a fixed state, adjustable angle gauge indication error is not greater than ± 10 '