F19B Solid Protective Cover With Keyboard For 9.7 Inch IPAD


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Overview and Specifications:

Product highlights:

1. The shell is made of high-quality ABS environment-friendly plastic, with good wear-resisting and scratch-resistant performance, comfortable feel and durable.

2. Mold opening according to the hole position of the real machine, and the protective cover fits perfectly with the tablet computer.

3. The protective cover and bluetooth keyboard input function are one, the Angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, the operation is simple, convenient and practical, and the user experience is good.

4. It is applicable to five 9.7-inch ipad tablet computers, with super magnetic slot, the protective shell can be removed, and can be used backwards, the keyboard has colorful backlight, ABS scissors foot ultra-thin key core, and feel comfortable.

5. Compatible with IOS, Android and Windows systems.