H1 12V 35W White Light 6000K 3500LM Car HID Xenon Headlight (2 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Xenon lamp interface model: H1
2. Power: 35W
3. Rated voltage: 12V.
4. Rated current: 3.2A.
5. Light color:  white light
Color temperature: 6000K
7. Lumen brightness: 3500LM.
8. Operating temperature: -40-105 ° C
9. Life: ≥ 30000 hours.
10. Product material: plastic + quartz tube
11. Features: This car HID xenon lamp, lumens high brightness, long service life; xenon light bulbs three times higher than the brightness of the halogen lamp, low energy consumption; xenon light bulbs with daylight almost the same light color, for the driver to create Better visual conditions. Xenon lamps make the lighting a broader range of light intensities, greatly improving driving safety and comfort.