IZTOSS Car Modification 12-way Fuse Box with Negative Sink Line, LED Light


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Overview and Specifications:

Packing: transparent pouch
Product function: The fuse will automatically blow current when the current rises abnormally and reaches a certain height. Thereby functioning to protect the circuit and operate safely
Applicable to: 32V
The product contains: 12-way fuse box *1 screw *4 sticker *2

Main line

Evaluation of the terminal: M5 stud (100A32V DC.max).
Wire size: #4-6 AWG

Single line

Evaluation of the terminal: M4 stud bolt (30A32V DC.max).
Wire diameter: #12-16 AWG.


Base: PBT
Cover: PC
Terminal: Nickel-plated copper.
Screw: Stainless steel.
Label: PP × 70.
A red light indicates that the fuse is broken.