JEDX Binaural Electric Automatic One-Touch Bottle Can Jar Opener


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Overview and Specifications:

Step 1: Install 2 AA batteries in the right polarity (Batteries Not Included)   
Step 2: Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the button until the jar opener starts to work.  
ATTENTION: The jar opener will turn off automatically; no off button is needed. The outer arms grip the jar while the inner arms close tightly around the lid and rotate, loosening the lid effortlessly. How simple!  
Step 3: Take your opener off the jar and remove the lid  

● Tips:  
1) Do not use with plastic jars. Jar opener is intended only for glass jars with screw-on lids.   
2) The jar opener will turn off automatically, do not remove the devices until it stops.  
3) Do not put the jar opener in water or dishwasher. It is not waterproof.