JEDX Electric Smooth Edge Automatic Can Opener + Manual Rubber Jar Bottle Opener


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Overview and Specifications:

Automatic Can Opener – Open cans, bottles, tins and jars with one touch, professional for seniors, arthritis hands and restaurant
Easy to Use -  Place the can opener on the can and align it; Press the button to turn it on; Wait it to rotates around stop automatically
Smooth Edge Left – Cuts around the side of the can to eliminate sharp and dangerous edges,  creating an easily resealable lid with a smooth edge Strong Motor- Powered by 2 AA batteries (Not Included) ; cheaper less quality new batteries are inadequate and may not preform as necessary;  
Open the can in seconds
Note: Before use, make sure the blade is on top of opener to leave enough room for lid to fit between the blade and metal gear; if not, press the start button, remove the cover, put your finger on the middle of blade, slightly press and wait the blade move to the right place and stop automatically, then you can let it work following the user manual.     

1: Place the opener onto the can and press to start Step
2: The opener rotates around the lid 360° and stop automatically 
Step 3: The magnet in the opener attracts the lid so no need to use your hand 
Note on proper use 
1) Use all new (2 new batteries required) high quality AA batteries, preferably Duracell, Energizer, or Basics. Cheaper less quality new batteries are inadequate and may not preform well. 
2) After completely revolving around the can and cutting the edge, the can will still appear to be sealed. After prying up the lid will it be evident that the can and its resealable lid are detached. 
3) When soiled after use, wipe down blade with damp cloth and dry. 
4) Do not lift or forcefully remove the can opener from the can while it is operational. Forceful removal can cause damage to the knife-edge.