JEDX Heavy Duty Hybrid Belt Kickstand Case for Samsung TAB T380 T385 – Black + Deep Pink


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Overview and Specifications:

Product features:

1. This product is innovative with pure silica gel, imported anti-hanging PC, and TPU material. Known as the strongest cellphone case, it is the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Tailor-made, the product is closely attached to the corresponding model, and it will not affect the operation and use after installation.

3. Protect the fuselage tightly to prevent scratching and damage;

4. All kinds of sockets are reserved for convenient use and do not affect the use of common function keys.

5. Waterproof, dustproof, durable, can be cleaned repeatedly, keep the appearance as bright as new;

6. Anti-seismic and anti-fall, anti-scratch and anti-slip. The back shell is designed to be frosted, which makes the hand feel very comfortable

7. Dustproof and fingerprinting design, not easy to get dirty and easy to clean

8. The silicone material is specially added with the latest material technology, which is soft, feels suitable for bonding, anti-skid, anti-shock and other functions to protect the beloved mobile phone from scratch.

9. The unique sports style, fashionable and generous, is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.