KJ-114-433MHZ-DC12V Four-Way Access Control Switch Electric Lock Power Switch LED Light Switch


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Overview and Specifications:

A, self-locking – take a short to take the risk to connect the 1-2 position

B, jog – short take the vacant not connected
C, Interlock – Take short circuit to connect 2-3 position

First, learning / removal methods and steps:

1, click learning button, the indicator light off, let go, press any key on the remote control flash three times after the light, said the success of learning;

2, can learn more than 20 different address code 2262 chip, 1527 chip equivalent wireless remote control;

3, clear: long press the learning button for about 8 seconds, the indicator light from off to resume lit, indicating that the stored information has been successfully cleared.

Second, the main technical indicators
1, working voltage: DC12V 2, static working current: ≤ 6mA
3, Operating temperature: -40 ℃ +80 ℃ 4, Receiving sensitivity: ≥-105dBm
5, the working frequency: 315 / 433MHz (optional) 6, the output voltage: AC and DC optional
7, the output current: ≤ 10A