KJ-116 315MHZ AC85-250V Single Access Remote Control Switch for Electric Control Lock, LED Light, Etc


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Overview and Specifications:

I. Overview
Wide voltage multi-function single high-power remote control switch with 10A relay, can load larger power appliances; learning microcontroller decoding, can learn multiple remote control, and each remote control all keys can learn; a remote control Multiple switches, but also a number of remote control a switch, easy to operate a combination of any combination of flexible; output jump by jumping toggle, jog, self-locking, interlocking can be arbitrarily selected, easy to use, suitable for a variety of fields use;
Mainly used in lighting, electric doors, windows, lifting equipment, motor control, pumps, lifter control and security industries and other fields.
Second, the technical parameters
Working voltage: AC85-250V
Operating frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz
Standby current: 10mA
Maximum load: 1000 watts
Working methods: self-locking, jogging, interlocking

Third, learning methods
Click learning button, the light is off (that has entered the learning state), release the learning button, press any key on the remote control, the indicator light flashes four times after the light that learning success.
★ Note: The controller can learn fixed code / learning code 20 different codes, any key remote control, in turn will clear the earliest learning remote control.
Fourth, clear method
Hold down the learning key for about 4 seconds indicator light from off to resume long bright clear success.
Five, working mode switch
Take a short circuit to take over different places to switch work.
1, jog – short take vacant
2, self-locking – short circuit take the lead T.M
3, interlock – short-circuit takeover M.L