MC-CPL Polarizer Protection Underwater Housing Case Shell with Lens Case for Xiaomi MiJiaCamera


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Overview and Specifications:

1; The shell material is made of imported acrylic "organic glass" and selected raw materials.
2; High material tempered glass as waterproof shell lens, AF and AR double layer optical coating.Lens transmittance is better, easy to clean, anti-scratch flowers. Both underwater filming and daily protection can restore natural light and color.
3. MC – CPL polarizer protection: the mirror frame design inspiration comes from the shape of an hourglass miniature, high on both ends of the hollow in the middle of the structure, combined with a transverse CD lines, increase the ring finger and mirror surface contact resistance, very easy to install and remove;
Because the lens no screw thread interface, so the installation method of this filter design is press type, lens ring wall equipped with antiskid rubber ring, so design, is to avoid the lens ring comes into contact with the camera lens scratched;
The silver ring at the top of the mirror ring is a high-gloss process that is the same as the silver ring at the top of the camera lens.In short, this is a very perfect work. The inner diameter of the lens: 32mm lens outer diameter: 34mm