Modern Wall Sconce Creative Iron Light With Flower Pot


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Overview and Specifications:

1: LED high-brightness lamp bead, low energy consumption, long
life, high display index, three kinds of light effects, free to switch, press
the switch to switch a color.

2: The selected glass kegs are made of high quality glass tree
kegs, which can be used for plant growth and soil. (delivery does not match
green radish)

3: Acrylic material selection acrylic resistance, strong light
transmission, light refraction angle rules, so that the three-dimensional
enhanced light is more uniform, stable, and easy to clean.

4: Frosted lacquered lamp body wrought iron material, treated
with high temperature baking finish, delicate texture and emotional details.
Firm and steady

Product Name: A wall lamp

Power: 18W

Light color: three kinds of light effects

Light source: LED chip

Product size: height 32cm* section 30cm* diameter 15cm

Material: wrought iron, aluminum art, acrylic

Application: living room, bedroom, study, balcony, aisle,