Natural Rattan Nest Cage Bird Swing Toy With Bells For Parrot Cockatoo Macaw Olive Brown/S


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Material: Wood

1. Natural rattan bird\'s nest. It can also be used as a swing, surrounded by colored acrylic beads, bells for parrots to play, beautiful and practical.
2. Natural fine vine + acrylic beads + metal chain + metal bell
3. Role: bird nest, swing, toy

Hanging size: S: 12cm * 12cm * 27cm L: 20cm * 20cm * 27cm
Packing size: S: 12cm * 12cm * 6cm L: 20cm * 20cm * 8cm
Weight: S: 120g L: 190g
Approximate parameters, subject to actual products