NM001 Creative Lemon Style USB Mini Ultrasonic Mute Air Humidifier for Home, Car or Office – Green


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Overview and Specifications:

【MAIN BODY IS SMALL】Small Cell Lemon Shaped Tabletop Humidifier" Cute Lemon Shaped Tabletop Humidifier is a stylish and relaxed feel. Main body is small, so it can be fixed to the humidification, such as close to the skin even better. A small place, so do not choose the place.【ENERGY SAVING】USB power, beauty, energy saving" USB power and perfect for your bedroom, living room, office, car, and also plenty of room mist humidification and moisture support, healthy life, A Beauty as this? More than years. Then, energy saving and environmentally friendly.【LED LIGHT】speaker with LED light for easy operation" just look at the features: LED light, and the soft light for fatigue and problems such as no leaves. Long press on, the LED lamp will light up. Just one press, the LED lamp will disappear; Length.【ULTRA SILENT】Ultra silent, noise is lower than 35DB, so it is an absolutely quiet sound and function, an absolutely not influence your sleep and work. – The Night Sky Falling the firing sound and working in out of the way.【SAFETY】"Safe" preventing empty firing, safety, preventing empty firing function will be your operation, automatically stop after 4 hours without harming. Moisturizes while on the go or even when asleep or for safety and humidifier.