Photography Special 58mm Gradual Filter Suit for Camera Lens – Black + White + Multicolor


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Overview and Specifications:

Suitable for 58mm lens

Gradient mirror features:
1. From one color from dark to light transition into another color or colorless and transparent a color filter
2. Half of the gradient mirror color, half transparent, near the junction of both sides of the color concentration gradually reduced
3. The gradient mirror can change the color or hue of any part of the picture, the most important thing is to reduce the contrast between the sky and the ground, and add some dramatic color to the pale sky

Gray :From gray to soft in the middle to full transparency. the sky is much brighter than the scenery. the sky is often difficult to retain details, and the sky is too dark for accurate exposure to the sky. then use the gradient gray filter, half of it is completely transparent, and the other half is a neutral gray mirror. In general, the gradual gray filter will cover the neutral gray half of the sky, to suppress the light of the sky, transparent half covered in the landscape. So you can do the two part of the exposure at the same time accurate

Blue: From dark blue to soft in the middle, to full transparency. use the sky view to enhance the sense of blue. Use the sea view to emphasize the sky

Red: It's dark red, and it's soft in the middle, and it's completely transparent. with twilight tone color

Tea: From dark brown to soft in the middle. gradient tea for retro tone treatment, or remove the sky color

Purple: The color is noble, is often used in the scenery photography, sets off the dreamlike purple effect

Green: For outdoor shooting, often used to deepen the color of trees, more prominent color of the bright