Portable 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse with Built-in 6-Axis Inertial Sensor – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Function introduction
1.2.4 G air stereo mouse
2. Six-axis inertial sensing technology, support body games
3. The cursor is locked
4. Support Android, Windows, Mac OS, Lilux and other operating systems
5. Control distance up to 10 m
6. Applicable to: smart TV, Internet set-top box, android player, network TV, TV computer, android projector, etc

Product features
1, built-in 6 axis inertial sensor, 360 ° free space action recognition and sensor, control precision and flexible;
2. 2.4G wireless rf technology, high bandwidth and high stability;
3. 1:1 body control and movement recognition, special user experience;
4, 3 d mouse to achieve the performance of the traditional optical mouse: high resolution (160 dpi), high speed (125 frames per second), no drift, which can realize continuous single pixel mobile, fast moving under the accurate location click;
5. Plug and play, free drive installation, specially optimized for android system, fully realize intelligent human-computer interaction application and enhance user experience.
6. Precise sensor gestures, which support various quick application function control and body sense games; Support for all 2-d mouse controls, and support the quick control of mouse gestures (with APK application support);
7. Convenient and intuitive, use the intuitive control mode of simple and completely free use posture. The new user can be used quickly and skillfully, and the old children can operate without obstacles