Portable 4K 3D 5.1CH HDMI Audio Extractor


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Overview and Specifications:


This can automatically convert the audio decoder input HDMI 5.1 analog audio output channel, supporting Dolby AC-3 decoding / DTS (5.1 digital audio stream including RAW). It is widely used in families, schools, squares, concert halls, cinemas and other public places to enjoy the impact of DTS or Dolby.

1. High performance audio decoder chips in the RTOS construction and operating system, supporting DTS / AC – 3.
2. The ultra fast start time is about 3 seconds.
3. HDMI input:
4. Output: HDMI; SW, cen, SL, SR, FL and FR, 3.5mm headset; door
5. Enter the HDMI resolution: 3840×2160 @ 30Hz; 4096×2160 30Hz.
6. The synchronization of HDMI audio signal decoding. There are three kinds of 2.0ch pass / option / 5.1 audio mode.
7. Car decode AC-3, DTS (LPCM / / Raw PCM signal input) without any action.
8. High compatibility: support network player, HDTV, DVD, blue light raydvd, PS3, Xbox 360, DM500S, dm800hd, etc.
9. Small size metal and counter, anti-interference.
10. Using 6ch RCA / 3.5 mmheadphone outlet door, convenient and effective use.
11. Support 6ch synchronous adjustment.

Version: hdcp1.4 HDCP
Hdmi1.4b HDMI version:
The resolution of the HDMI 30Hz 2160p @:/
P @ 50/60Hz 1080i / 720 P / / / 480i 1576i 480 p
Supported video format (24 bits color of color: 30bit, 36bit)
Audio output: 5.1 analog audio 2CH /
Max: 340 megahertz bandwidth
Max: the transmission rate of 10.2 Gbps
Input / output TMDS signal: 0.5 ~ 1.5 volt P (TTL)
DDC's input / output 5 volt signal: P (TTL)
Cable entrance distance: less than 7 m awg26 standard HDMI cable
Cable outlet distance: less than 8 m awg26 standard HDMI cable
Audio format: support MP3, WAV, AC3, DTS, mu,
AAC, FLAC, Ogg,, m4a
Range of signal to noise ratio:
Stereo separation: 80dB (1 kHz)
Channel imbalance: 0dB
The sampling frequency is 32 kHz to 192.
Bit: 16~24 bits
Answer: the frequency of 20Hz ~ 20kHz + / -0.7db
Thd:20Hz ~ 20kHz 0.25-0.065%
Thd n + 1 kHz:0.15%
137x77x21mm shell size: about.
Weight: 238G
Maximum power: 4 ~ current
Composition: input power: AC 100 V (50 / 60Hz to 240 V); output: DC5V / 2A

Working temperature: 8451 & 0~70 #;
Working humidity: relative humidity of 10% to 80% (non condensing)
Storage temperature: – 80 ~ 8451 & #;
Storage humidity: 5% to 90% relative humidity (non condensing)
the audio decoder capable of auto convert hdmi entry to 5.1 channels of analog audio output, and supports the decoding dolby ac – 3 / dts (include 5.1 raw streaming digital audio). so it is widely used in families, schools, squares, concert halls, theaters and other public places to enjoy the effect shock of dts or dolby.

the build in operating system rtos and audio decoding chip high performance; support for dts / ac – 3.
the super fast start time about 3 seconds.
the hdmi entry:
the exit: hdmi; sw, cen, sr, sl, fr, fl; 3.5mm for headphones door
the resolution of entry hdmi: up to 3840×2160 @ 30hz; 4096×2160 @ 30hz.
the hdmi to achieve the synchronization of the audio signal decoding. we are pass / 2.0ch / 5.1ch three types of options of the audio mode.
the auto decoding ac – 3 / dts (lpcm / pcm / raw) input signal without any action.
the high compatibility: reader to support network, hdtv, blue – raydvd, dvd, ps3, xbox 360, dm500s, dm800hd, etc.
the small size and metal box, anti – interference.
l adopt 6ch rca / 3.5mm exit door for headphones, convenient and efficient in use.
the 6ch supports synchronous volume adjustment.