Portable Small 2-in-1 Mini USB Rechargeable Fan Cooler + Air Humidifer Water Sprayer For Home Office Travel


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Overview and Specifications:

Instructions for use

Fan button:
Click the first time for a file, click the second time for the second file, click the third time for the third gear, and click the fourth time for the fan.

Humidifier button:
Click the humidifier button for the first continuous spray, the second click for the intermittent spray (spray for 3 seconds for 2 seconds) and the third click for the spray.

Night light function:
Press the humidifier button for the first time to turn on the night light function, and the second long press to turn off the night light.

Humidifier to take power:
The built-in battery of the fan is inserted into the base to supply the humidifier through the contact connection. The USB charging port of the wet device can be connected to the power supply to supply power to the humidifier at the same time.

USB electrical port:
Both the fan body and the humidifier USB charging port can charge the fan, when the two are separated, the USB can be powered separately (note that the fan and humidifier can be used separately)

All spray mode settings are automatically powered off for 5 hours, and can be restarted and used continuously.

Charging indicator:
When the USB port of the fan main body is charged, the red light is on and the red light is off, when charging with the USB port of the base, the humidifier charging LED light (red) is long, the main red light is on, the red light is off, and the base LED light (red) Long bright

Product Name: Fan humidifier
Product model: GXZ-J624
Material: ABS/PP/PC/electronic components

Product Size:
Humidifier /90*90*130mm
Fan /80*25*170mm
Product weight: 285g
Style / color (COLOR): white, pink, blue
Product parameters
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Input voltage / current: DC5V/1000mAh
Water tank capacity: 300mL
Spray amount: 30mL-40mL/h
Output power: 4W
Battery capacity: 2000mAh