Portable Voice Recorder Digital Pen Noise Reduction Stereo Audio Recording USB Flash Lossless Mp3 Player


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Overview and Specifications:

This form of digital voice recorder pen adopts 8GB memory and 64GB TF card to help you record as many voices as possible. And it can be used as a normal U disk to connect to a computer via USB for storing and transmitting voice files. 200mA battery allows it to record for continuous 28 hours without stuck or cut. In addition, independent recording and 512 kbps recording rate bit make sound super clear without noise.
Pen-style pen appearance gives it an appearance like a real pen, which is hard to be discovered.
28-hour recording-A large capacity 200 mAh battery allows this digital voice recorder to record voice for 28 hours continuously.
Intelligent Noise Reduction-High recording bit rate up to 512 kbps and independent recording make super clear recorded voices without noise. U Disk Function-The audio recorder can be used as a U disk normally to connect to a computer via USB for storing and transmitting voice files.
WAV Redording Format-Recording in WAV format, it is able to convert to other formats easily to play without loss of data. Timestamp-Recorded voice files will be named with a timestamp, which makes it very easy to manage
Playback formats: MP3
package: Yes
with Speakers: Yes
External memory: Yes
External microphone: Yes
Model Number: SK-068 Vocal Pen Recorder
Product Type: Digital Pen Shape Voice Recorder
internal memory: 8 GB memory
External Memory: 64 GB TF Card (not included)