Purple PIVOT Mega Raizin Universal Car Fuel Saver Voltage Stabilizer Regulator


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Pivor purple Super Raytheon electronic rectifier / digital display / with ground / automotive electronic regulator

Accessories: 5*M6 nuts, 5*washers, 2*double-sided adhesives, 2*M6 screws, 3*ground terminals, 1*mounting instruction, 1*color box, 1* fuse line, 5* fuses, and grounding Line *5

Explanation: Raytheon Automotive Electronic Rectifier has long been the new darling of retrofit enthusiasts and has long been causing waves in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States. Because Raytheon Rectifier itself has the effect of easy installation and immediate improvement of horsepower, it has gradually been noticed by the average player. This is one of the hot topics that car lovers must discuss every time they meet. In addition to the very simple installation and installation of the Raytheon Automotive Electronic Rectifier, it can effectively achieve the effect of increasing the horsepower. Rectifiers are not only necessary for new car owners, but are also the “young youths” that are needed by older cars. The stop-and-go driving mode in the urban area will virtually increase the frequency of unstable voltage. Unstable voltage will be invisible even if the electric device loaded on the car will be the first to suffer (shortened life). The fuel consumption of the car is increased. This is because the car\'s ignition, air-conditioning, self-drive gear, xenon headlamps and even hi-hat cars all pass through the generator, plus the car itself is unstable, stop and walk the driving mode More workload, so when the ignition is not smooth, it will cause fuel consumption, when the power supply is unstable, it will certainly cause the loss of electrical life, not to mention the negative feelings of people enjoying these supplies! Can imagine the importance of the existence of reverse current!


1. Usually, the negative current of a vehicle is returned to the negative pole of the battery via the vehicle body by each electrical device.

2. As we all know, because the body is made of steel, the original current loop design (original design of the original plant) will produce electrical resistance.

3. Causes poor current return and wear. There is a lot of interference with electrical equipment.

4. Therefore, the electrical equipment and body directly connected to the high-quality enhanced ground wire to the negative power supply.

5. It can greatly increase the current return speed, quality and efficiency and performance of the electrical system.

6. Great benefits for automotive electrical systems, is the first choice for automotive electrical capacity conversion.


1. The low-speed torque increases and the voltage stabilizes, which directly improves the low-speed torque performance of the vehicle, increases the speed, and effectively climbs the slope.

2. The throttle response is more direct and obvious than ever before.

3. Ignition performance is rapidly increased, making it easier to light and improve ignition efficiency.

4. Stable voltage.

5. Unique power storage function, contain the reverse current.

6. Increase battery life.

7. Reduce noise and noise in the sound quality.

8. With the ground line, the entire body circuit is stable.


1. The load on the motor circuit system is reduced. When a rectifier is not installed, the current generated by the generator directly reaches the battery and is then consumed by the system and generates a large load on the battery. After installation, the supply power can be stabilized, and the natural demand power supply also follows. Stability, the vehicle\'s electricity load will naturally improve.

2. Improved ignition efficiency – The engine runs smoothly. The power supply of the crankshaft and camshaft sensor comes from the main relay to the battery. The stable current can make the detection precise, and the ignition timing can accurately display the maximum effect. The natural ignition problem can be solved. improve.

3. To achieve the purpose of saving fuel, the positive electricity of the ignition system also comes from the battery. The normal operation of the fuel injector opens and closes with the fuel-saving effect. Of course, there is a direct correlation between the effects. The stable current can make the injector operate normally.

4. The throttle response is better. Because the throttle signal is directly transmitted to the MPI, when the current is stable, the throttle can be felt clearly and clearly because the fuel supply becomes more stable than before.

5. Horsepower and torsion increase. The installation of a rectifier does not create more horsepower and torque, but it can recall the part of the circuit system that was lost due to the perfect performance of MPI and the accurate calculation of ECU.

6. Extending the battery life, the reverse current effectively stabilizes the current flowing into and out of the battery, and the battery life is naturally longer. Otherwise, the high and low currents before installation are extremely damaging to the battery.

Product installation:

1. Open the hood and find the positive and negative poles of the battery. The positive pole is red, the negative pole is black, and the battery is also marked

2. Unscrew the positive pole of the battery with a #10 pickpocket. The installation procedure is the same as that for the battery.

3. Put the rectifier positive wire on the battery anode

4. Put on the original screw cap lock

5. Installing the negative electrode is done in the same way

6. Remove the double-sided adhesive and fix the rectifier. When it is fixed, it should be placed flat. Avoid placing it upside down and easily causing the backing line to loosen. Fix a flat place (fixed wire length and mounting height, avoiding the top to the hood). Wipe the surface with a dip oil.

Ground installation:

1. Engine start up performance, start cool! – Connect to the starter motor.

2. Spark plug flash fire increase, power boost! – Connect to the periphery of the cylinder head.

3. Power generation, charging efficiency, and extended battery life! – Connect to the generator.

4. Engine combustion efficiency, fuel-efficient! ——Connected near the injector.

5. The brightness of the headlights improves and driving is safer. ——Connect to the tank frame or the fender.

Installation method:
The installation is very simple, as long as the product is firmly fixed near the battery, the red connector is connected to the battery cathode, and the black connector is connected to the battery cathode to complete the installation. If it is of multi-line type, other black connector wires of appropriate lengths can be connected to the negative electrodes of the respective electric appliances to reinforce the negative electrode conductor loops, so that the performance of the car can be more perfectly performed. (such as generators, starters, air conditioning compressors, engine blocks, automatic transmission boxes, frames, etc.)