Quelima 2-in-1 Gravity Car Bracket, 360 Degree Rotating Car Air Outlet Mobile Phone Bracket Holder


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Overview and Specifications:

Name: Quelima two-in-one gravity car bracket, 360° rotating air outlet mobile phone bracket
Material: ABS environmental protection material
Function: Car air outlet, suction cup bracket Patented product
Features: Gravity technology, easy to lock, can be locked 360 degrees, equipped with 2 brackets, an air outlet hook bracket, an instrument panel bracket, can be switched,
Maximum stretching: 9CM, available 5.5-inch mobile phone and 5.5-inch mobile phone, such as Apple, Huawei Samsung millet and other mobile phone clips with four, with plastic protective sleeve gravity claws, effectively protect the phone, not scratched, installed, simple and convenient Travel essentials.