RS-301 IPX7 Grade Waterproof ABS Children’s Mini Electric Toothbrush- Blue


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Material: A molding environmentally friendly materials, the use of plastic drive shaft, prevent rotation to prevent falling, but also to prevent the rotation axis of the fracture, reduce power loss cleaner and cleaner.

2 bristles: the United States DuPont hair, each brush have to undergo a rigorous polishing treatment, cleansing and whitening teeth more deeply, can effectively dental stains. (Brush head with food grade PP material, entrance safety, soft bristles baby experience SPA treatment)

3.IPX7-level waterproof: fully enclosed design, toothbrush and tooth seat can be directly rinsed together, easy to use in the bathroom or other humid places.

4. Vibration frequency: 13000 times / min, low-frequency vibration to bring super-clean power, up and down the ultra-fine foam scouring flow, effectively cleaning and flushing the oral blind area, remove the oral teeth dirt, protect the baby's oral health.

5. Brushing mode: 1 file brushing mode, designed for the baby to build. Ultra-quiet <65db 30CM Ambient noise = <45DB

6. Switch: Press the switch button to boot, the motor starts, the machine work, press the switch button again, the machine off, stop working.

7. Install the brush head: Align the front of the toothbrush head with the right side of the handle by about 20 degrees to the right, then turn it left to the right handle after installation, that is, the installation steps are the same, and the steps of removing the brush head are opposite. Brush head design to prevent the baby in the twisting process, stamping his own little hand, this installation requires the mother to help complete.

8. Install the battery: AA batteries, with 1 yuan coin, align the tail cover, turn left, the tail cover can be removed, the battery negative and inward, into the battery, and tighten the tail cover to the right, that is Can be completed to install the battery. Single alkaline batteries can be used more than 3 months.