RXDZ DC6-36V 300mA NPN NO 3-Wire 4mm Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch LJ12A3-4-Z-BX


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Overview and Specifications:

Line 3-wire (Black, Brown, Blue)
The type of switch appearance cartridge
Theoretical Inductive Sensor
Output type
NPN NO (normally open)

Thread diameter 10.5mm / 0.41 "
Head diameter 11.8mm / 0.46 "
Detection distance 4mm
Power supply voltage 6 ~ 36V DC
Current output

Response frequency 150Hz
Detection of iron objects
Operating temperature
Size 6.2 × 2cm / 2.4 "x 0.8" (length × maximum diameter)
Cable length 110cm / 43.3 "
It is a widely used in automatic control, industrial testing, composition control, non-contact switch. When the proximity switch is close to a target, it sends a control signal.
Widely used in machinery, paper, limit station of light industry, directional counting, accelerated testing