S1 H4 50W Super Bright Car LED Headlight (2 PCS)


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Overview and Specifications:

1. 360 ° light on both sides, with the original headlight cup reflection, light utilization increased by 50%, instant start. Special materials to solve the problem of high temperature cooling.
2. LED integrated design, non-destructive installation, easy to install.
3. Directional pressurized air cooling system + high-speed silent fan forced cooling, 6500 cycles / min, speed cooling, effectively extending the life of the light source, the light fades is very low.
4. light source imported custom COB light source, copper substrate package, light efficiency to 130LM / W.
5. Energy-saving design, 50W to 4000 lumens flux, brighter than the ordinary lights, more energy.
6. LED light, energy saving than halogen 60%, brightness increased 3 times.
7. Far and near light one design 8. This lamp requires a dedicated drive power, effectively ensure the headlight brightness and life expectancy. 9. The lamp is DC power supply, input voltage: DC 9-32V