Shinkichon Pelter Fish Bait Advertising Ring Thrower for DJI Phantom 4/ 4 Pro/4 Advanced, for Fishing, Propose, Wedding


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Overview and Specifications:

Size: 21.2X11.5X6.5CM
Loading weight: within 500g
Color: grey
It can be used for throwing fish bait, advertisement, throw ring etc.
Internal battery lasts 1-2 hours and can be used 100's of times on one charge.
Widespread wireless connection up to more than 1km, one-click operation with the remote.
Kindly Note: Base on the safety consideration, please do not carry overload weight.
Payload Drop Release Refit Pack only! The DJI Drone is not included!
To ensure safety,the weight of any load should not exceed 500g.
 Safety precautions:
Please read the following tips carefully before using this product:
It is prohibited to use this product to throw toxic and hazardous materials.
It is prohibited to use this product to throw prohibited articles by local laws and regulations.
Do not mount magnet or magnetic metal(iron,cbalt,nickel) to avoid interfering with geomagnetism and disordering lfight control system.
When using this product to mount the articles,the loat of the drones will be increased,and the endurance time will be reduced.Please pay attention to fight safety..If you need to land the loaded drone after taking off,please discard the load first before landing.
Pay attention where you drop cargo to avoid damage or injuries;
When using this product,remember to turn off the visual positioning system in the DJI APP(refer to the user manual for detail)
After turning off the visual positioning system,landing and vertical obstacle avoidance is dramatically affected.Always land in a safe environment..Do not open sports mode when using this product.