Smart Home Touch Switch Wall Switch 1 2 3 Gang 1 Way Wireless Remote Control Light Switch LED Indicator for RF433


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Overview and Specifications:

Item Overview
1. This is a light switch of new generation. The switch with integrated design has waterproof, fireproof function and function of preventing electric shock. 2. It allows wet hand operation. With luxurious and simple look, the switch fit in different room style well, and enhances the room’s appearance in a degree. 3. The touch switch brings the best out of your home without having to break the bank, and is suitable to be used in all rooms of your home, business and establishment.4. All products are manufactured to high standards and are all EU certified for use within the UK, the EU and other European countries. 
Item Feature
 1. With touch function and remote control function, it is equipped with a remote controller.2. The remote control switch has the function of long distance remote control, which is up to 100 metres in the open field and can be up to 20 meters indoors, to meet different customer needs .3. With a gentle touch, it can easily control the light open and close 4. Users touching keys can be issued the sound of "di" , and the prompt to dial the code switch or cancel the prompt function .5. Used as a night light at night, it can dial the code switch settings or cancel the function of background light .6. The outer shell is made of fireproof plastic material, effectively preventing switch ignition .7. Control by live wire, easy for installation, do not need rewiring and replacing the switch before directly .8. Toughened glass panels, unique design and luxurious beauty .10. Prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock danger . 
Warm Notice
1. All switches in the bundle have remote control function.You will see 2 kinds:Version 1 switch with remote controller; Version 2 switch without remote controller.  Because 1PCS SESOO remote controller can control 4 switches after you pair with each switch,so you can choose according to your needs. 2. This SESOO switch is One Way switch and can not be used as Two Way switch(Two switches in two different places control one lamp)3. When the lamp start  flashing, pls connect capacitor between L Line and N Line of your light holder, PLS do not connect the capacitor to the switch. 4.  When power is ON, you will see the indicator in blue color(especially at night) like below pictures.Or the circle on the switch is silver color.