Thin Face Mask Bandage Belt, Slimming Facial Thin Masseter Double Chin Skin Tool


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: super nylon 85%,elastic resin 15%,special natural rubber

Method of use:

Put your hair back case will not affect themask and forehead part of the contact. At home when leisure use, the bestplease after bath or wash facial daub after good water after use.

Wearing a mask order is:

First the mask cover in the face, show thenasal. Then according to the instructions of the picture show order: A-neckalignment, with the most suitable strainer is good. B-his head again at theback of the button. C-finally put ear hind belt buckle.

Please Note:

Please do not sleep wake up use itimmediately! Please do not use in the bath!

Please adjust the tightness of, do not justfor effect and adjust the tightness of too tight!