USB 3.1 Hub TO 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub + Headphone + Mic Ports Multi-Function Concentrator Sound Card Multi Ports Splitter


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Overview and Specifications:


1. It is a multi-functional product that integrates USB splitter, USB external sound card and USB card reader.
2. Support OTG function, bid farewell to the computer and mobile phone to connect too many complicated devices, born for the expansion of computers and mobile phones,
3. Expand out 3 audio ports (headset, microphone, headset) + 3 USB ports + 1 TF card slot + 1 SD card slot for easier card reading
4 headset + microphone + headphones 1 + 2 combination, support two people at the same time to listen + say dual function
5. Simple high-quality aluminum alloy shell, high efficiency heat dissipation, light weight, durable and durable
6.Single and double holes can be used to support two simultaneous voices to meet different needs
7. Adopt second-generation USB HUB controller, no external power supply, high compatibility, no drive, plug and play,
8. USB2.0 interface, each USB port transmission speed up to 480MB, support for computers and other equipment and headphones, microphones, headsets, audio, keyboard, mouse, U disk and other external devices connected
9. Stereo sound, support for mixing, high-fidelity noise reduction to make the sound quality more pure
10. USB pure copper wire short-circuit connection, flexible and does not prevent the next interface