Wall Sconce LED Motion Sensor Lamp USB Charging 2 Brightness Levels


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Overview and Specifications:

1: Human body + light-controlled induction wall lamp, no wiring
required for installation, suitable for multiple life scenes at home

2: Using human body thermal infrared detection sensing + light
sensing technology (induction distance of about 3 meters, sensing angle of 100

3: Rechargeable lithium battery (1800mAh) integrated charging,
innovative design, convenient and practical

4: LED lamp bead, 10 patch lamp beads + 2 high-brightness bead
(two-speed dimmer switch, one file is highlighted, the main lamp sub-lights are
on, the second-level main lamp is half-bright, and the sub-light is not on.
Press again)

5: Strict seam, fine workmanship, high-quality panel fitting
process, four-corner screw fixing, make the product firm and stable, clever heat
dissipation design, without damaging the appearance of the product

Model: WS01

Material: aluminum panel + ABS engineering plastic

Power: 0.9W

Size: 150*110*45mm

Light source: 10 LEDs for the main lamp, 2 sub lamps

Power: 4 5th battery

Power: DC3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery (charged)

Induction time: people automatically turn off after about 30

Sensing distance: about 3 meters / angle 100 °

Accessories: lamp body * 1 wood wall screws 2 / cement wall
screws 2 + expansion screws 2 / stickers 2