XSUNI Quick Release Powerful Car Suction Cup Bracket w/ Mounting Base Screw for Sports Camera Gopro


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Overview and Specifications:

– Strong sucker sucker, the chassis is a soft glue with a diameter of about 70MM, which can be stably absorbed on surfaces of automobiles, glass, and other smooth objects.
  – Multiple knob adjustments allow you to quickly adjust the shooting angle to obtain a variety of different fields of view for a variety of different environments
  – Distribute Gopro plug base + screws for quick installation and removal of the camera



– Tips:
In winter or when the temperature is low, the sucker part is relatively stiff, that is, the ability of the molecule to move is reduced. At this point, the sucker part needs to be put into hot water and used for softening. This method can also improve the suction capacity of the sucker.