YAGE Rechargeable LED Head Lamp Headlamp On Your Forehead, Mini LED Larntern Running Flashlight Head Light Black/US


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
200001265: Mining/Fishing/Hunting 3: YG-5581C
249: 3W Switch Mode: High/Low
Model of LED Beads: Other Waterproof: No
Light Source: LED Bulbs Battery Type: Lithium Ion

1. With support of the advanced switch power power technology of this product is protect from over-charge, products of quality.

2. Li-ion battery, which applies the latest technology, is of small volime、larger capacity(2000mAh)、long life, can recycle use to more than 500 times.

3. With 1 high power 1W long life saving LED.

4. Strong and light brightness are adjustable.

1. Specifications:
A. Operating temperature: -10 ℃-45℃.
B. The humidity of air ambient: <,90%.
C. Charge rated voltage: AC 110V-220V 50/60Hz.
D. Charge rated current: AC 0.04A 3W.
E. The output-rated voltage of charger: DC 4.2V.
F. The output-rated current of charger: DC 350mA.
G. Output light source power: 1W.
H. Output light source type: LED.

2. Usage instruction:
A. Charging: Insert the plug into the AC 110V-220V/50-60Hz socket after finished the connection of AC wire with the reading lamp, then the charging indicator light. Keep charging about 6 hours. The most charge time should be less than 12 hours.
B. When pressing the switch strong lighting for the first time, pressing switch dim lighting for the second time, while pressing the switch for the third time headlamp close and take this as circulation, at the contra it is off.
C. Headbad adjusted make you more comfortable and headlamp adjusted according to the required angle.
D. Lighting time : 27 hours continusly lighting for dim lighting and 14 hours continuously lighting for strong lighting.