ZHAOYAO 10Pcs Super Miniature Digital Power Amplifier Board


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Overview and Specifications:

Excellent noise suppression, no ears can be heard without any input audio. No two-channel stereo, 5W power supply can output 3W+3W power. It can directly drive 4Ω and 8Ω speakers. Power, energy, sound quality. The unique non-LC filtering D-type digital power board can be directly powered by the computer's USB. Dual-panel wiring, properly resolve the ground potential balance caused by the wiring and crosstalk between channels, ultra-miniature design, can be easily placed in a small space within a variety of digital products, high amplification efficiency. All the machines are used for welding the entire board. The welding quality is not comparable to manual soldering iron welding.
★★★★ Ultra Micro Volume: 1.85*2.11cm ★★★★
! ! Note: The “negative” of the left and right channel output terminals cannot be connected together. Otherwise, the IC will burn, and the speaker (load) should be connected before power on.