ZHAOYAO 16 Tips Ear Cleaner Earpick, Toiletry Earwax Removal Tool, Soft Spiral Cleaner


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Overview and Specifications:

U-Kiss 16 Tips Ear Cleaner Earpick Toiletry Earwax Removal Remove Soft Spiral Cleaner Prevent Ear-pick Clean Tools Toiletry Tool

With a plastic handle , it is easy to hold and use, you just need to insert it into your ear and twist in direction of arrow to grab and extract earwax.
Longer enough to reach the itching part of your ear, and with silicone head to keep a safer and more efficient operation than the cotton swab. The length 2.5cm of the flexible cleaning head is safe for the ear depth of the adult.
This removal head is made of silicone, soft enough to be used in different size of ear hole.
With detailed instruction and strong protection by the material, safer and reliable using experience. Pain free from annoying ear wax, help you maintain a healthy ear canal.
This is the best way to clean your ears while providing comfort and safety, which is safer and more effective than cotton swabs.

Made of plastic and soft silicone, lightweight and safe to use.
Soft, spiraled, and grooved head collects more wax than a regular cotton swab.
It is small and easy to carry. you can enjoy the cleaning ears at anytime and anywhere.

Material: silicone+plastic
Color: blue&white
Total Size: 127.5*15.3*15.3mm