ZHAOYAO 5PCS 2000W Thyristor High Power Electronic Voltage Regulation Boards


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Overview and Specifications:

This voltage regulator is specially designed for motor speed control. The minimum voltage can be adjusted by a precision multiturn potentiometer.

Use voltage: AC 220V
Maximum power: 2000W
Voltage Regulation: AC 50-220V
Size: high temperature FR-4 circuit board 36MM*48MM

Outer size: 48MM*60MM (knob direction)*28MM (high)

Silicon control voltage up to 1200V/current 25A

1.6mm thick epoxy copper laminate

The voltage regulator has a crest voltage absorption circuit to effectively protect the high-power thyristor, and the life is longer and more durable.

    Connect this product serially to the lamp or electrical circuit (ie disconnect the desk lamp, electrical appliance, etc. from any of the live or neutral wires, and connect the two wires of the “product”) to the rotary potentiometer. Rotary lever can play the role of light and shade adjustment, speed regulation, pressure regulation, and temperature adjustment; it is very convenient to use.
    This product is suitable for: using the new two-way high-power thyristor, because the current can reach 25A, it can solve the overcurrent problem caused by the electric resistance of the electric furnace wire when the cooling is too small; it can easily adjust the mains electricity. The output voltage is arbitrarily adjusted between 90—-220 volts for use with electrical appliances. Such as: electric furnace, water heater heat adjustment, lighting dimming, small motor speed, electric iron thermostat and so on. In order to achieve the dimming, temperature regulation, pressure regulation effect. Large-scale electrical appliances that can use less than 2,000 watts of power are used because the power is already very large, so the average home appliances or small factories are sufficient. (Inductive or capacitive load power should be reduced. The regulator is equipped with bi-directional high-power thyristors. The potentiometers are equipped with nuts. They can be used without adding any components. It is very convenient and practical).